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How It Works?

In spite of all the obvious growth, the real estate industry is to a great extent unorganized; one might even go as far as to call it chaotic. Whenever someone wants to sell, lease or rent their property they have to list the same in websites, newspapers, and many other mediums and deal with unproven local brokers. There are both advantages and disadvantages to this approach. Obviously these mediums reach a very vast audience so the chances of finding people interested in your property are relatively high. There is, however, a catch as many of these so called interested parties may merely be window shoppers, not genuine in their intentions or simply incapable of meeting the asking price. Sadly, there is no filtration process in such mediums to identify genuine inquirers resulting in time, money and energy being put into site visits which ultimately turn out to be a wild goose chase. Similarly those who wish to acquire property also are taken advantage of by dubious individuals and companies, who using false advertisements trick them into paying money for what are often blatant scams,for instance many “high rise apartments with a lake view” in reality turn out to be aging three story buildings overlooking a polluted backwater. To avoid such fiascos the industry is in need of honest, trustworthy and most importantly professional brokers who will conduct the due research and verification to facilitate hassle –free and cost and time effective transactions.We at ProBro have seen and experienced the industry and all its idiosyncrasies first hand and it is our solemn endeavour to be the professional brokers that the real estate industry needs.

We at ProBro receive real estate related queries from individuals, corporates, and property owners for buying, Selling, Rental, PG, Joint Venture, Housing Loan and insurance. To serve them better, we have created a business model with state-of-the-art technology platform and a network of trained professional brokers.

Our call center is one point of contact which handles new customer calls – enquiries, complaints, feedbacks, and provide the right information. It also tries to build a comprehensive CRM system to ensure the clients are served best as per the organization’s guideline on time, every time.

The above chart explains how the call is landing at our call center and how the lead is passed to the right agent, who is very near to the customer’s place. We almost have a professional broker for every pincode.

The above image explains how our ProBro interacts with the customer and registers their profile and then posts their requirements.

Once the ProBro receives the lead with TAT (Turn Arround Time), he is responsible to attend the client to close the call within 24 hours and register his comments. This process ensures that the customer is attended immediately and serviced well.

If the client makes a property selling posting through ProBro, it will reach the network of ProBros and their buyers instantly, who are looking for a property at the price band (+ or - 20%). The interested buyer can express interest so that it reaches the buyer’s ProBro, Seller`s ProBro and the seller. Both the seller and buyer ProBros will connect and arrange for the site visit and negotiation meeting with the seller.

ProBro – A smart platform and network for the smart and professional brokers to serve their client professionally.