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  • Buying

We provide the best possible experience for those who are interested in buying property.

Properties listed on the ProBro website are all personally verified by our agents regarding their validity and legitimacy. Comprehensive information will be presented to you detailing every aspect of each property saving your time and effort.

  • Selling

Selling property is always a time consuming and costly affair, as often you are left showing your property to people who are not even interested in your property or aware of the price.

With ProBro only prospective buyers who are financially capable of meeting the asking price and genuine in their intentions are shown the property making your sale hassle-free and efficient.

  • Rental

Regardless of the economic situation, rented space is always in demand both commercially and residentially. With ProBro you are guaranteed to only meet tenants who are reliable and financially stable. 

  • PG

When you open your home to a paying guest you are often putting your safety at risk. With ProBro paying guests are put through a stringent background check to ensure minimal risk in all such arrangements.

  • Joint Venture

When it comes to joint ventures it is imperative that property owners find trustworthy developers and vice versa. ProBro assists people in joint ventures, providing them with adequate information about the industry.

  • Housing Loans

Housing loans will be easy to procure with the backing of the ProBro network. ProBro assist people in knowing their eligibility and in acquiring pre-approved loans.

  • Insurance

Today to acquire a home loan, suitable insurance is a pre-requisite. ProBro goes the extra mile in providing you with assistance in securing the right insurance, providing you with information about the best interest rates and protecting you from being exploited by banks and other such institutions.

  • Property Consulting

This comes with the territory, of course we offer in depth consulting for property owners who wish to employ their real estate assets profitably. We offer personally tailored solutions which outline the various ways an individual’s property can earn them revenue and the pros and cons of each approach

  • Property Marketing & Transaction

We don’t just stop at property consulting, however, but also tell property owners with high ambitions what exactly it takes to make a name for themselves. To do so we assist them in bringing international brands and players, as well as those of great repute to their premises thereby ensuring them long-standing patrons and income.

  • Property Management & Maintenance

For property owners who cannot look after the maintenance of their property due to migration or similar reasons, we undertake to maintain and manage their property with utmost care and efficiency.

  • Research & Intelligence

Our team is comprised of seasoned veterans of the industry with many years of invaluable experience behind them. True scholars of the real estate business, the team are constantly monitoring new trends and on the lookout for up and coming real estate hotspots so that we can serve you better.